Sunday, 6 March 2016

The terrible two's

So - my day started well - fairly inclement weather which has got nice and sunny as the day ahs gone on.  I was able to finish that pesky navy block so that all three are now completed.

Then, listening to the Archers Omnibus, I cut out and sewed the first of the three orange blocks (yes it is a rusty orange in real life!) before venturing out in the cold but sunny weather to walk the dogs - Daisy is now so used to walking that she pulls (not hard because she's not heavy enough but enough to raise her front paws off the ground when `I won't let her!)

So far so good - I even enjoyed some of that campfire stew that I cooked yesterday with a nice jacket potato for lunch - very slimming world!  The dogs had a nap and everything was calm.  How quickly things can change.

I decamped into the study to do some church accounting work and the dogs followed me into their bed curling up together.  Then I heard the ominous "chomp chomp".  Looking down Daisy was chewing the ends of a toilet roll tube.  That's okay I thought.  "chomp chomp" - now it was a ball point pen that she had found.  I took that off her before she could explode the ink inside.  "chomp chomp"  Now it was a knitting needle - not to be advised!  She hasn't got enough teeth to do any real damage but it could hurt her so that was taken off her. "chomp chomp" - now it was an ink cartridge!  I honestly don't know where she finds these all - there is nothing around her bed, she doesn't seem to move, the cartridges are up high next to the computer but!!!!!!!  I guess the exercise of getting up and taking it off her is good but some peace and quiet would also be good.  Daisy is 4 months old now so , in human years, going through the terrible twos - I guess that explains it then.

The next block in the Splendid Sampler is an embroidery one.  One of the reasons that I used a predominantly red colour way so that any redwork would fit in so I am highly delighted!  Now - where's that light box to start tracing?


  1. Good to hear that Daisy has mastered the pulling so hard she walks on two legs routine - Penny is now at the stage where she spends each walk sounding like she is being strangled! Still seems to enjoy going out and other than four dog collars, a couple of dog bowls, some laxatives, wooden coasters, sandwich bags, apron, tea towels, a single trainer, one of Chris's gloves and our grid cover, she never chews anything up!

    1. How lovely - a vision of my future! Did Penny mislead me when I saw her at Christmas then?

    2. Oh yes - she is good at that!

  2. Am so glad we can enjoy your pups and then come home again!