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Friday, 25 March 2016

Just call me the DIY queen!

As you are aware , Mum and Dad are spending a few days with me enjoying a break but house hunting at the same time.  I must admit that I tend to regress and allow Mum the enjoyment of looking after me (she will be reading this lol!).  However I really should learn!  Yesterday she kindly tidied and cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher and told me that she had unblocked the dishwasher but found these two parts floating in the water - were they important?  ???????  We let the dishwasher do a cycle and, yes, they did have a purpose - presumably helping to empty the water out!  Searching through all those old manuals that I would normally throw away but, for some reason, have kept, I was able to sort the parts out, refix them and solve the problem.

This morning was spent looking around another house (lovely and well kept but just not right) and then driving around to see the outside of three others.  One of them, on paper, is perfect but they clearly need to see inside.  Unfortunately the estate agents are closed for the bank holiday so they are hoping to make an appointment tomorrow.  However we did manage to find time to pop into a new eatery for coffee and a cake - I do suffer for my art you know!

Once home, it was time for some housework before heading out for my first WI committee meeting.  I clearly was not on the ball - suddenly I was one of two vice presidents - excuse me?  This came from left field!

Once home, and with a lovely day drawing to a close, I headed out to do some more power washing - it's become my new love!  Although you can see the difference when it's wet - I REALLY love the difference when everything has a chance to dry out!

Tonight's crafting is centred around getting ready for my West Ashby day tomorrow and, if possible, finishing the breast cancer logo on the apron.  I am really beginning to miss my sewing so will enjoy tomorrow!


  1. Vice president!! And you didn't see that coming, I should have bet money on it! Hope you enjoyed your coffee and cake? Enjoy your sewing tomorrow x

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  3. Vice president indeed...don't let it go to your head!
    We all love a mum to look after us :)