Tuesday, 22 March 2016

"Stickytoffeepuddinggate"- part 2

So the visitors have arrived and settled in.  Daisy, as ever, is ruling the roost and causing chaos wherever she goes - Maisie just isn't that sure about her!

Today we split up.  Mum and Dad popped into Louth whilst I met up with some old friends for lunch at Dovecote Inn, Laxton.  It's a beautiful pub which serves amazing food - so good, in fact, that I think tea will be forgotten tonight!  I had stilton cheese and mushroom pate with toast and a side salad for starters and lamb rump on a bed of sweet potato mash with pea puree and roasted radicchio.  With coffee and a hand made truffle for afters - plus about two hours of catch up chat - it was a lovely day out.

Once home, it was a quick turn around to take mum and dad out to look at some houses from the outside.  As I have mentioned before, they are hoping to move up to this area and we are visiting two tomorrow for a look inside.

So, I hear you cry, what about "stickytoffeepuddinggate" part 2?  Well Dovecote Inn is the other side of Lincoln - so a call into Waitrose is simply compulsory!  Whilst there I bought a second pudding - which has been under armed guard until it has reached the safety of the fridge.  We don't want a repeat of last weeks episode now do we?  Mind you - the tub of clover spread is no more - the remains of the tub is scattered over the floor of the kitchen.  We will talk no more about it!


  1. Lunch sounded yum...a post with no sewing mentioned...you are slipping! As for the Clover...well I have vivid memories of yellow puddles after Millie helped herself to Clover some years ago! Seems she never learns!

  2. Some dogs are just so badly behaved - maybe my beautiful Penny and her big sis Bonnie will have to teach them a few things....

  3. Lynda,
    You must be very smart as your dogs are able to train you so quickly
    San Francisco Bay Area