Monday, 28 March 2016

Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who's the cutest dog of all?

Today my brother, Phil, his wife, Chris, and their two dogs, Penny and Bonnie came over from Manchester for lunch, to meet Daisy and to see how their cockerpoo, Penny, got on with Daisy.  As they arrived and poured in Daisy retreated to the sofa crying loudly and barking - she was not sure at all!  In fact she went to anyone who would cuddle her.  However, slowly and gently she eventually went nose to nose with Penny. 

After which Daisy was bombing around - now it was Penny's turn to hide!

We had a great visit and a lovely lunch of ham, salmon mousse, bread rolls and salad - simple but lovely fayre!  Pudding was - wait for it - a choice of trifle and (drum roll please) sticky toffee pudding.  Most people went for a small bit of each!  The cream cheese flavoured tea cakes were not, sadly, a popular choice!

Today was also an opportunity to swap Easter gifts.  You may recall that I had some secret sewing on the go.  Yesterday and today I gave one of these wall hangings to Mum, Dad, Phil and Chris.  I have never used one of these metal hanging frames before but I am delighted with the way it sets the banner off.

Over lunch we discussed who was the cutest dog - a dangerous topic!  I chose Daisy ( sorry Millie - I love you to bits but no one would describe you as cute!), Dad chose his dog Maisie and Phil chose Penny.  With Mum abstaining, the casting vote was left to Chris - would she choose her own dog Bonnie and force a 4 way tie?  Would she give in to her husband's moral blackmail with a "If you want a lift home which dog is the cutest?" question.  No she just simply spoke the truth and went for Daisy!!

After they had left it was time for an afternoon nap - or at least that's what I thought.  Daisy had other ideas and I gave up when she picked up a plastic shovel and started to chew it - very loudly in Millie's ear!!  Ah well - guess its time to clear up, put the dishwasher on and make myself useful then!!

This evening I have set aside to continue with some appliqueing from the Anni Downs quilt.  Our next Scamblesby meeting is on Sunday and I have done nothing since our last meeting!!  Oops!


  1. A lovely visit, great lunch (particularly the home made salmon mousse - you failed to mention that it was home made - tut tut) and fantastic company - spoilt only by "cutedoggate" - clearly Penny is the cutest - I think we need to expand the voting........

  2. It is sooooo sad when you come across a sore loser! Clearly your wife us a highly intelligent woman and knows beauty when she sees it!

  3. What! Still no mention of all the lovely home made food our wonderful mother spent all morning preparing - tut, tut, tut. (Chris wants to know who this highly intelligent woman is that you speak of?)

  4. Now -now children, play nicely.

  5. Now who could possible choose between those cute doggies! Poor Millie and Daisy must be getting quite a complex!

  6. What about poor Bonnie - everyone forgets Penny's big sister!