Monday, 7 March 2016

"All tied up"


Last night, and with apologies to those who saw this picture on facebook, I had the tv on and a programme about nature's orphans was on.  The dogs suddenly became very alert at two baby animals (have no idea what breed) and Daisy hid - what a wimp!

Today started with snow on the ground - which quickly went.  The morning, being the craft group day, went past in a blur of trouser taking up, accounts finishing and generally packing the car with iron, ironing mat, fabric, light box, etc etc!  I feel like I'm moving house every Monday!

Mind you its worth it when you see the progress that the craft group have made and, in particular, the sewing newbies.  This was a mothers day card that a newbie got from her daughter - very apt I thought!  It reads "Mum - like a button and thread - you hold it all together" - how sweet !

Once home it was time to brave the beach - boy was it cold.  I let Daisy off the lead as we approached an old friend and she screamed in agony as their dog ran past her - there was about 4 feet between them but Daisy was being a diva!  Once home I never like to feed the dogs straight after exercise and left tem for half an hour - only to find Daisy with three rounds of white parcel tape around her.  even when I tried to untangle her she held on!  Barking mad!!


  1. Who needs a TV when you have canine entertainment!

  2. I think it was Millie who tied her up - probably wanting a bit

    of peace!!!!