Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The benefits of a power washer

Today was earmarked to view two properties.  The first one was a very nice three bedroom detached property in a local village.  There was a check list of requirements and it met them all - but!  Sometimes all the check lists in the world can't beat that feeling you have when you know that its right.  My parents haven't discounted it yet but neither have they met their hearts desire.

Steps - before
Steps after
With over 5 hours to spare between viewings, Mum and I set to in the garden.  Whilst Mum collected up pots with a view to potting them up, I assembled the power washer and set to - wow!  First to go were those pesky steps out of the conservatory which had been so slimy in the winter and which caused my fall.  They have come up a treat and, once dry, I will mix up some concrete and fix the wobbly step. 

Next up was the "patio" area - once cleaned I can move the garden table back outside ready for this tropical weather that we are always promised but never seem to have.  With a lot of water and gunge to clear I did an initial sweep, left it to soak away and then brushed it with a stiff brush - I will go over it again of course.

Finally I made a start on the conservatory which was fast becoming covered in a slimy green coating - woosh, one sweep and it had gone.  I forsee hours of fun!

The second property was much more expensive that the first and would not allow for many improvements to be made initially.  Sadly I think that the strong aroma of cigarette smoke did not help its cause!

I must admit, however, to booking a little treat today!  Wendy and I missed a Lynette Anderson workshop last year when Lynette was too poorly to come over.  However she is doing a couple of one day workshops about an hour away from my summer holiday location and the day before the holiday is due to start!  It would seem a crime not to book a place!  Sadly Wendy can't come with me but I am sure that there will be a treat to take back for her.  I just hope that the places haven't all been taken!


  1. House hunting is not easy is you say, they can tick all the boxes...but when you get inside you know its just not for you.
    Might have to think about a power washer...have had one on my wish list for a while :)

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