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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Artic weather on the East Coast

When I first retired I felt really guilty about a day at hoe.  How quickly those feelings have changed.  Today was a planned day at home catching up with some of those niggling jobs.  To start with I backed my 12 days of Christmas and attached the bias binding.  Tonight's job is to finish the hand sewing (I've managed three this afternoon) before attaching them to a bias binding strip tomorrow morning ready for the WI meeting tomorrow night - see - last minute again!

Next up was the next stage of the accounts - linking all of the receipts / signed cheques etc to the accounts ready for the auditor.  One of those jobs where everything is to hand but still takes longer than you think it ought to.

Feeling like I needed a breath of fresh air I took the dogs out next - only to appreciate the raw winds and extreme cold up at the beach - I even wore a hat!  It was so bad that there was no one else there so I introduced Daisy to the joys of the sand dunes - it was lovely to see her trying to keep up with Millie!

Once home, it was time to finish the ironing - there was just one more load to do - before sitting down and starting the afore mentioned hand sewing.

Finally I ran the hoover around and generally tidied up after Daisy - I always feel better in a tidy house!  Of course there's still a cake to make for the WI meeting, the handsewing to finish, the tea to make ..........,.........  It never ends for a domestic goddess does it?


  1. Get you Domestic Goddess :) great though isn't it being able to do what you want when you want!

  2. Glad to hear your leg is healed and I just love your blog I read it with a British accent in my head