Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Spending the day with Janet Clare

As I mentioned yesterday, today sewing buddy, Pat and I travelled three hours each way to attend a Janet Clare workshop and to learn how to draw with a sewing machine.  As you can see from these attempts I am not the most artistic of people but we were put through a series of exercises - write your name, draw a face, draw a chicken - then a penguin.  At this point we were all beginning to wonder what a penguin looked like!  Finally, and before we were let loose, we had to draw a garden.

Throughout the morning Janet was kind, patient and encouraging - just as life affirming as I thought she would be.  Janet was delighted to see us in her aprons and insisted on having a photo taken.  She even designed us a personal picture from her to us to sew onto our apron which I will show you tomorrow.

The afternoon was spent starting a wall hanging / cushion (not sure yet) but I will share it with you when it is completed and I have more time.  But for anyone thinking of attending one of Janet's classes - then please do - it was the most fun 6 hours I have had in a long time!

The only thing that has marred the day is the sad news of Victoria Wood's passing - she was a fantastic comic writer and will be sadly missed by many. Remember Barry and Freda?


  1. Sounds like a fun day! And yes, so sad about Victoria Woods

  2. Great day.
    Thanks for driving.
    By the way-Chips were lovely!

  3. Chips!!!!!!!! Looks as though you had a lovely day. Well done.xxxx

    1. The chips were Sewingbuddy's - not mine!