Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sometimes the day just doesn't turn out the way you thought it might do ......

Last night I set to with the huge amount of sewing that I've brought down - starting with the embroideries for the border of the Anni Downs quilt.  They are nice and simple - but there are 24 of them to do!

Today was a leisurely start the day.  Mum and Dad have taken on the task of making all the desserts for a local wedding - the daughter of a good friends of theirs. Consequently today's task was shopping based - Atlantic Village( hence the Cornish pasty), Morrisons and then Wickes ( well you have to give Dad a treat now don't you?).  We got back to find an email with encouraging news - sorry to be a pain but I can't say more at this moment - but it sure made the day look different to how it started.

I also got a parcel from Amazon with my dissolvable glue.  I want to appliqué some tiny pieces so need to practise with my appliquick tools.

Tonight sees a continuation of the embroideries - I really want to finish one job before starting the next. I also have to look at some of the cupcake boxes that mum wants to use at the wedding - apparent,y I have to turn them into a bouquet or three!

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  1. Ooo you do like to keep a girl in suspense don't you!!
    Cupcakes bouquets...sounds interesting!