Monday, 4 April 2016

Foundation piecing - grrrrrrr

This morning, and all day truthfully, I have been wrestling with a headache - one of those nagging ones that never seem to disappear.  That, twinned with the bad weather, really should have signalled a day in bed!

Anyway, first on the agenda was to meet with the auditor and sign off the church accounts ready to present them on Sunday to the PCC.  Thankfully everything was okay (they should be but I always worry).  Then it was to a local printers (just down my road).  I had wanted to enlarge something to A3 size for some time but couldn't think where to go - until I remembered that they offered photocopying of course!

Next on the agenda was to make a start on emptying the craft room into the conservatory - goodness knows where everything is going to go or even if there will be room to bring it all back in again.

All of this was to put off the inevitable - my attempt at the current Splendid Sampler block.  I normally love foundation piecing but this block proved extremely tricky - I even had to look up Youtube to remind me.  I will live with the final product - even though it's full of mistakes.  I guess that when its one out of a hundred it won't be so noticeable.

Tonight I am planning to make a start on something for this week's WI meeting - the competition theme is Tudor Rose so I've got some thinking to do!