Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dad's army

Being a Tuesday, it was off to the senior screen again.  This time our choice was Dad's Army.  I guess that we knew what to expect - it was fairly faithful to the TV series and proved to be a gentle British comedy with many of our favourite characters.  Interestingly, though, there were more female characters and I felt that they drove the film - even saving the day in the end.

After the film we popped into Pennell's garden centre for some light lunch - I always enjoy looking around but, this time, resisted the urge to buy anything.  It was on our way home that events took an interesting turn - I decided to drive Jean past the house that Mum and Dad are interested in.  There we started to notice little things that we hadn't before - such as the intercom on the gate!  There was also a post box at the end of the drive - their peace would never have to be destroyed.  On behalf of Dad we sampled the local DIY store - a real Aladdin's cave from every screw ever produced to professional kitchen ware - all in the tiniest of spaces!

Once home, I sent some time sorting out some paperwork before risking the inclement weather to walk the dogs. My first holiday (how grand is that?) is the second week in June so I wanted to get that paid off.  It's an art holiday but not everyone draws (I am led to believe) so my plan is to take some hand sewing to do and just chill!

Tonight my plan is to finish the competition entry for The Tudor Rose and then carry on with the Anni Downs applique - I made a lot of progress on Sunday so hope to finish the first half of the block tonight.

 For those of you on Daisy watch -and believe me I get a lot of complaints if I don't posit an update / picture of her for more than a couple of days or so - last night she took to the bottle!  There was a black and white film on the One Show and Daisy was afraid - hiding down the side of the chair!  She's clearly a girl who likes to live her life in full technicolour!

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  1. Glad to hear the Dads Army film is good, we want to see it sometime.