Saturday, 30 April 2016

Well - a girl's got to do what George tells her - hasn't she?

I woke up a tad late this morning - and came down to a hive of industry.  Fortunately the pannacottas, cupcakes, lemon cakes and roulades were nearing completition and just needed my (oops that should have said mum's) magic touch before being delivered to the church hall. The bride and groom had a lovely sunny and warm day fo their wedding and we left the village as the guests are starting to arrive.  Why leave the village you ask?  Well when I checked into Facebook this picture popped up - and we all know that Mr Clooney is right - yes?

The plan was to pop over to Tavistock - a lovely drive across Dartmoor- for a mooch around and a spot of lunch.  Since we were later than usual we parked in a car park that was further away than usual - and be fitted from a wonderful walk with these views.

Once in Tavistock I trotted off to the lovely fabric shop - mainly to see if they had some fabric for Wendy.  They didn't - but they did have this very attractive bundle of French General fat quarters at a reasonable price - oops!

We had a lovely lunch - Dad had cauliflower cheese with cheesy chips!  We won't mention my steak pie and chips or mum's Scampi and chips!

Then it was time to enjoy the walk back to the car park before heading home for a snooze.  Well - with three dogs, one of which is a pup that has been in all morning and has far too much energy - Mum and Dad didn't get too much sleep!
Tonight I am planning to start the decluttering that I came down for - now that the wedding is out of the way I have told mum that we need to give the craft room half an hour and make a start!  Since I finished the Anni Down's ornaments yesterday I want to continue with the Anni Down's tab appliqu√© so that I can join both together - ie lots more hand sewing ahead!

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  1. Mmm to the mac'cheese and cheesy chips! Teen Two would love that too! Glad the puds made it to the wedding ok am sure they went down well.