Friday, 29 April 2016

Wedding preparations - full steam ahead

As you will recall Mum and Dad are cooking the desserts for a local wedding tomorrow.  So the day started ( I'd love to say early but not quite!) with a test of last night's roulade.  Dad wanted to investigate whether the roulade would suffer from being made the night before so this was a trial run.  Sadly he concluded that it cracked too much so will need to get up early to make his two roulades - and fill them - before taking them across to the village hall by 10am!! It did taste good though - we "suffered" a slice, in the name of research you understand, for elevenses.

Meanwhile Mum set to making around 7 dozen cupcakes - three different flavours and a multitude of toppings.  My task was to make up  the presentation boxes to look like a bouquet of flowers. Now I don't want to take credit away from Mum but I do think that they have turned out rather well!

Not being of much help in the catering front, I then sacrificed myself again by looking after the dogs and keeping them out of Mum's way.  I managed this Herculean effort by sitting quietly by the window embroidering my Anni Down's ornaments - 20 done, 4 to go.  I felt quite Jane Austen-esque particularly with Daisy asleep by my feet.

The next call on my expertise was to hoover out the car and arrange clean sheeting for the transportation of desserts tomorrow.  Meanwhile Mum made a start on the individual pannacottas and finished decorating the cakes - I'm not underplaying her efforts but she really enjoys these sorts of challenges!  Mind you - once we have delivered the goods tomorrow morning we are going out for the day and a rest ( plus a nice quilt shop of course!)

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  1. What a novel idea for the cupcakes! Am sure the wedding party will be delighted with everyone's efforts.