Monday, 25 April 2016

Getting there at last - part 2

You may recall (someone told me recently that this seemed to be my favourite phrase!) that my current diy project is the craft room.  I want to get onto the layout and organisation stage - but there are many hurdles to jump before then.  The biggest one is a new boiler - today the men came to look at what was needed and to agree a date for work to start.  To my amazement they had a vacancy and could start this Thursday - normally you can't get them for around 6 weeks!  I guess that tomorrow's tasks will include the emptying of the airing cupboard - where the boiler is situated - then!  I am away on holiday on Wednesday so have warned the house sitter of the disruption!

Once that visit was out of the way, and after the usual Monday housework, I made another block for Tuesday night.  Yesterday's had a deliberate error which will need to be corrected before I go back to the sewing class tomorrow night!  However I also need to have a count up and see how many I am behind!

Next up was the removal of the carpet from upstairs to outside - ready for the refuse collection tomorrow morning.  The carpet is not heavy but was awkward - cue a pile up at the bottom of the stairs.  Whilst the plumbers are here putting the boiler in they are also going to sort the shower out upstairs so tomorrow will also see me sorting the bedroom upstairs to make it look respectable.

By now it was nearly time to go out to the craft group.  Just as I was about to leave there was a knock at the door - my new chair (complete with castors for ease of movement between machines) had arrived.  I will try to open it tomorrow - otherwise it will have to wait until I get back from holiday.

At the craft group we were finishing our wonky house brooches and people seemed pleased with their finished results.

Then it was onto walking the dogs (in freezing, raw hands weather) before emptying the freezer ready to fill the bin before being collected tomorrow.  I don't know what you think but today feels much more active than yesterday - and at least the craft room is being moved forward.  Next step?  Emptying the room and taking the laminate flooring  - before calling the decorator in!


  1. Wow that's the way to do it...have workmen in when you are away :)
    It does indeed sound like a very productive day!