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Thursday, 14 April 2016

AA day 2

I swear I am becoming more like Victor Meldrew each day - if today's mood had been plotted on a graph there would be so many highs and lows that you'd think I was having a heart attack!

Where do I start?  Well the day started well and, in between cleaning the house of Daisy Debris, I set to finishing the apron - or attempting to.  Feeling very smug I top stitched all the way around - only to find that I had twisted one of the joints - cue the seam ripper into action.  I had just finished it for a second time when Jean called around unexpectantly (she was on a walk and I was a convenient rest place half way round) so I asked her to take the photo.  Please ignore the hair - I am at the hairdressers tomorrow!  I am pleased with the way that it has turned out but I need to get used to the feeling of cross over straps at the back.

After completing a finance form for church, I then rang John Lewis re my tumble dryer - you may recall that they delivered it a week ago but didn't pick the old one up.  After a week I thought that I ought to chase this up.  It would appear that I live in such a strange area of the country (ie more than 30 miles from a John Lewis store) that they can't pick it up so will refund the cost!  On the bright side I now will ask the council and, to make good use of the costs, I will try to take the carpet up from my upstairs bedroom so its an incentive I guess!

By now the post had arrived and my AVC letter from the prudential.  You may recall that I want to draw down this small sum as a lump sum - cue more questions on the telephone covering the same info as before.  I now should have a form to fill in by May 5th to formally request the money - I am hoping that this might be the last hurdle but who knows!

All in all it's been a day that started well but has got increasingly frustrating.  The final straw was another hospital appointment (you may recall that I couldn't attend the one this Monday and they are usually every 3 months or so) for November!  I did ring to check and was told that they didn't receive my telephone message on Friday - effectively I think that I've gone to the back of the queue!  They will ring me if they have a cancellation.

I think that I should just go to bed now and start again tomorrow.


  1. What a day?
    Apron looks good all ready for wednsday.
    Bope janet is impressed you will be teachers pet.

  2. Grr to the hospital, especially after all the trouble you went to!
    Apron looking good.
    As for the tumble dryer...the benefits of living in town is, just leave your old white goods by your door and miraculously by the next morning they will have gone! Plenty of scavengers collecting scrap metal :)

  3. Your apron is looking lovely Lynda! Hope you have a better day tomorrow! Christine x

  4. Apron looks straight out of the 1940's!!!!!

  5. Lovely apron I especially like the pockets they look perfectly placed and large enough to be useful