Friday, 8 April 2016

A blast from the past!

Let's start with last night's WI meeting - we were greeted by a lady in authentic Tudor costume.  She was extremely lively and enthusiastic and continually passed around examples of Tudor food (tip of the year - avoid pottage like the plague - it's disgusting! and looks like sick!!)  She was one of the best speakers that I have heard and would certainly recommend her to other WI's.  Sorry - did I hear someone ask about my competition entry?  Well modesty prevents me from saying where I came but it wasn't second or third - I will leave it there!

So, onto today.  Last week's meeting at Meadowhall had been rearranged - and I was halfway there when I realised that I had forgotten my phone.  It's amazing how vulnerable I felt - what would I do if there's a problem?  More importantly - yesterday afternoon the mail had arrived with an outpatients appointment for Monday afternoon - which will clash with the craft group.  They require 24 hours notice for any cancellations - how was I going to contact them?  As I pulled into the service station for a comfort break I spied a telephone kiosk.  That used to be our staple and many an hour of my life has been spent in one or, more likely, waiting outside one!  As it goes things haven't changed much - but it did feel strange using one!

So - no phone equals no photos - but I did, as usual, bag a few bargains.  I bought a new pair of shoes (£10 off), some herbal tablets (half price) and some toiletries from M & S ( £10 off).  I even, and this will make my mother very proud) bought some new cake tins from Lakeland!  Of course the main event was a good old natter and catch up with my friends Trisha and Julia with a snack lunch of toasted sandwich.

Tonight's event is the monthly book club meeting and a lovely meal out followed by the quiz which we aim to win each month - that way every meeting is made cheaper with the winning £20 voucher!!  Mind you, after tonight I need to get back on the sw plan and stop getting side tracked by my social life!


  1. Ooh!! I feel for you with no phone!! It is amazing how vulnerable you feel without one. Well done on the Tudor Rose and also on the cooking fine!!!!! Hopefully the old ones are in the bin by now.xxxxx. enjoy tonight.

  2. That should read cooking things!!!!! For some reason the kindle won't let me use the word tins. Oh it will now!!!xx

  3. No phone = stressful day! Bargains sound good