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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

You know you're getting old when ..........

Today, being Tuesday, was Senior Screen day.  Unusually Jean and I could not agree on a film so we went to separate ones.  According to the trailers one would be a "shoot em up and kill them" whilst one would have a lot of bad language.  When we asked people to guess which one we were seeing everybody said that I would be watching the violent one!  Their reasoning was that I wouldn't like the bad language in the other one - slightly warped thinking!  Anyway I watched the comedy "How to be single"  Yes there was some bad language but the trailer had pretty much covered most of it (why do we ever watch trailers?)  In the main I would regard it as a romantic comedy - I even shed a tear!  (a trait that I share with most of my family I should add!)

After the film we stopped off at a bargain shop - Tick-er-t-boo's.  It's the kind of shop where most items are unbranded and cheap - but often do the job just as well.  I wanted some puppy training pads and Jean wanted some compost.  Whilst I was looking around I came across a product - on an end aisle so not hidden away - that I never imagined would be on sale in a cheap shop like this - a cocaine test kit for the princely sum of £1.  I am not sure who the purchaser would be but can only presume that its to check whether you still have traces of drugs in your blood stream.  I know they say that young policemen are a sign of getting old -well this just makes me feel ancient (not to mention a little like Mr Meldrew!)

Shock over, and with a rare glimpse of the sun, I walked the dogs before tidying up Daisy's dose of madness and then settling down to cut the pieces for the next splendid sampler block.  Wendy is coming over tonight for more sewing and chat so that will be great to catch up.

Diet coke gate - day 4 and none has passed my lips.  Oh and the embroidery on the apron is now finished.  The next step (tomorrow hopefully) is to cut out the lining and begin to make the apron up.


  1. Well done on the 'diet coke gate'. I thought you would be out tonight at your quilting class. Have a good natter with Wendy but remember to sew as well!!!! Xxx

    1. errrr not sure that there was any sewing done!

  2. Goodness me...whoever would have thought that would be available to buy and so cheap too? Bizzare!
    Well done on the diet coke.