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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Supersonic slippers

I don't know about you but I am a morning person.  What doesn't get  done by lunchtime might get done later - but it takes longer and more effort!  That being so I have surprised myself by what I have achieved today.  Perhaps it's all down to my new slippers.

First, of course, there was the usual housework - including cleaning the lounge carpet with vanish that still bears some sign of the "stickytoffeepudding" - long story - and two loads of washing.  However, as a reward, I then set to and sewed the current splendid sampler block called "Lina's gift".

Buoyed with success and energy, I then popped upstairs to take the carpet up - ready to ring the council on Monday to take the carpet and tumble dryer away.  Now I should explain that there is a lot of furniture upstairs which all needs sorting and decluttering.  I therefore (look away now Dad) moved the furniture as I cut the carpet around it.  The council ask that carpet be cut into 6ft lengths anyway and I will just be left with some short lengths currently under furniture which can easily be taken to the tip later on.

One of the reasons for taking the carpet up is that I was sure there was a hole in the floor that has had a board over it for a number of years - now is the time to get it mended - I was right!

As a reward - and I was shattered by now - I then sat down to baste up some blocks ready to quilt at my Tuesday night class ......

...and then started to complete my Anni Downs top.  I don't normally say this about my work but I am really pleased with this so far.  My "bug" is pointing the wrong way but, hey, it's personalisation!

By now it was lunchtime (albeit a late one) and I was feeling quite accomplished.  Lunch was a breakfast soufflé omelette with salad - I'm on message!  Feeling quite laid back I then treated myself to a sit down, some tv catch up and some handsewing with the Lynette Anderson block (nearly finished).

I also managed to be tempted by Wendy into booking another sewing workshop - this time in July.  I am just too easily led!!

Tonight it's my turn to serve ice creams etc at the local theatre which will keep me out of trouble!


  1. What a productive day!! Loving the for the carpet ...sounds like my way of doing things too! And yes...definitely a morning person ( but not TOO early!)

  2. That sewing looks really impressive!! Well done. I think I need to get some of those slippers!! I'm not too good in the morning, hopeless from early evening onwards, so if you are fortunate you might catch me good sometime in the afternoon, unless I'm having my nap.!!!xxxx