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Friday, 22 April 2016

Mum - Wendy has led me astray again!!

Last night, you may recall, I went off to the WI craft club with a rag bag of materials in an effort to transform them into a fairy.  Well - ta-da - here she is -with hidden sparkly undies!!  Truthfully fairies aren't really my thing but I enjoyed the process.  However a friend, Jenny, wanted to make three for her granddaughters so I offered my fairy to reduce her work load - it was gratefully received!

This morning was spent gathering supplies for the few days ahead (sewing tomorrow and Tuesday night etc) before I could sit down and finish my project from the Janet Clare workshop.  Sewingbuddy had assured me that she wouldn't finish hers in time for Saturdays sewing class - and then sent me a picture of hers last night! Grrrr - I really couldn't turn up without mine now could I?  I had left the hardest part (the free machine sewing) until the end but warmed up first by writing my name etc.  Truthfully I was pleased with the finished article but it really came to life when I covered an old canvas frame with the price of fabric - I love it!  Not only that but it is extremely satisfying to finish something and not add to the UFO pile!

There was nothing for it - I just had to tackle the 48 piece Tuesday night block next.  I cannot count how many hours have now been spent on it - but it's finished - sort of.  I won't even begin to point out the faults - we would be here all night!!  I should be pleased that its finished - but each block has to be done in two colourways - so there is a second one to do yet!

So - what has Wendy done now you ask.  well I was minding my own business when she rang me this afternoon.  She had read in the paper that a certain Donny Osmond was touring the UK next year and should we go and see him.  The nearest venue is Nottingham (2 hours away) but it is a Saturday night - what did I think?  Well we obviously discussed it at length - for the sake of decency - but it was never in question - tickets are now booked and, for a couple of hours in January, we can all pretend to be teenagers again!


  1. Love the latest creation. I am resisting temptation of saying 'I want one' don't worry about being led astray, someone has to support Donny!!!!!!xxxx

  2. Janet clare project is fab.
    As is the 48 piece block.
    I love fairies - could have given it to me!
    And what can I say about Donny Osmond , same as JD me
    Someone has to buy the tickets!!!

  3. I think I would be pulling my hair out with all those projects and the unpicking that has gone have the patience of Job! As for Donny...wasn't keen on him when we were younger...but he has most definitely improved with age!

  4. I don't know - does no-one have any taste? All I can say is leave Donny alone!