Friday, 1 April 2016

A change is as good as a rest

My original plan for today was to visit with friends at Meadowhall and chew the cud!  However last night one had to cancel due to a family appointment and another had family issues - truthfully I was glad of the rest.  I was trying to juggle getting ready for my next batch of visitors with my sewing commitments on Sunday.  Whilst I do not normally like change - this one was good.

So - what have I got up to?  Well firstly I ordered the new tumble dryer (can't you tell that its pay day today?) and paid a little extra for them to take the machine away.  I just have to wait a week or so for it to arrive.  Next up was an engagement present for my brother - I have sourced one but won't post a picture until he receives it tomorrow - but at least you can say that it's unique!  Then it was onto the Anni Downs applique block 4 which is nearly finished.  So far in 2016 I have achieved the challenge of completing a block every month. However this month is only three weeks and I have had visitors so I don't think that I am going to achieve this aim!  It's not the applique - it's the tiny blocks that surround them that takes the time.  Mind you Daisy helped out - she kept the shopping list secure for me - how helpful!!

Whilst we are talking about Daisy it would appear that I owe her an apology - when I said yesterday that she had destroyed two beds I think that some people envisaged ripped and shredded beds.  No- not this angel!  She had just overturned them, taken everything out and littered each room with ripped cardboard - not quite the same!

Next up was the making up of the bed upstairs - thanks to Wendy's use of a tumble dryer last night.  Mind you I mustn't be too nice to Wendy - she led me astray last night.  My summer holiday (from Monday to Friday) has already been extended by a Sunday workshop with Lynette Anderson at the beginning of the week.  Now Wendy has persuaded me to go to The Festival of Quilts at the NEC on the Saturday - at the end of the holiday - cue a call to the kennels to extend my booking and a Premier Inn room booking for the Friday night!  (I'm not really complaining - what a week I am going to have!!!)  Last night I didn't get far with my first block of the month (too much chatting) - but at least the applique pieces are in place ready for sewing!


  1. Ooh you didn't need any persuading to book the NEC, I can't be held responsible for all that, lol, but it'll make a lovely end to what I hope will be a good holiday for you. Your very welcome to use the dryer this week until the new one arrives.
    Have a good weekend xx

  2. What a cute piccie of Daisy!
    Sounds like you have some fun days ahead of you :)

    1. Watch out for tomorrow - she's being washed so will try to take a piccie.