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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The final countdown ........

Sometimes I think that holidays were only invented so that you could recover from the stress of packing etc.  My day has consisted of the following:-

  • Make upstairs respectable for the plumber - tick
  • Pack suitcase - clothes were ironed yesterday - tick
  • Change bedding and wash - nice to come home to clean bedding - tick
  • Finish two Tuesday night blocks and layer them up ready for tonight - tick
  • Empty the airing cupboard (why do I have so much bedding - this will need some serious decluttering) - tick
  • Load and then emptied the dishwasher - tick
  • Hoover and tidy around - tick
  • De-Daisy the conservatory (it's full of twigs etc) - tick
  • Pack the craft projects up - tick
  • Pack the dog bowls, food, chews, beds etc - tick
  • Attend a WI planning lunch - tick
All amongst hailstones, serious winds, rain and then sunshine - on a  rotation basis. 

Now I may have left some tasks out but I think that you get my point.  I once had a notion of retiring and buying a campervan with the idea that I would just take off for a few days here and there - not a chance - I would need time to recover before, during and after the holiday!

So - now its time to rest for a few minutes before setting off for our first Tuesday night class of the summer term.  I have prepared for some quilt as you go techniques - 28 blocks are layered up and ready to go!  Sadly I believe that the final quilt has around 49 blocks in it - so only 21 to go then!!


  1. Yep, sounds like you are going to need a holiday to recover from today!

  2. Wow- busy then!
    Have a good time at your mums.