Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Anyone for nettle tea?

or nettle cake, nettle jam, nettle soup ..............

Tomorrow I, along with sewingbuddy and another friend, am going to another workshop at the Bramble Patch.  This time its being run by Janet Clare - yes her of the artisan apron fame - I wonder if she will sign my apron?  The dogs are being well cared for by Jean , for which I am extremely grateful, but it does mean a whole day out - leaving around 5:45 am!  So this morning was mainly centred around preparation - having the car valeted (we can't allow precious friends to endure the state of my car now can we?), filling the car with petrol (its a six hour round trip) and buying something for the "pack up".

Whilst I was in Cleethorpes I popped into the garden centre for a cuppa and some goodies for the WI craft evening on Thursday night - saves me going out again.  I have to admit that I was rather taken by this little friend for the garden - it reminded me of a musical - anyone like to guess which one?

Once home I then spent time gathering all the sewing materials and equipment that we need to take.  I have to say that its all rather vague - I prefer to work to a colour scheme - but I am sure that it will all come out in the wash.  We are at a fabric shop should we run short ...........

Being a lovely afternoon here, I then decided (after walking the dogs and moving the tumble dryer to the boundary of the property - it will be collected within 3 working days!) to continue with the garden clear up.  After sweeping the side ready for some more power washing later this week, I then continued with the weeding.  It would appear that I had done the easy part of the border on Sunday - today it was time to tackle the nettles!  I have always been told that nettles are a sign of fertile soil - well I have them in abundance!!  Daisy tried to help by digging - but in the area that I had already weeded!

Mind you - I loved discovering this little blue and yellow partnership!

Tonight I must, must, MUST finish the wonky house brooch and the turn down of the apron pockets!!

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  1. "Yodal aye Yodal aye yodel ay..ee...ee" springs to mind!