Wednesday, 13 April 2016

AA day 1


Let's start with last night and Wendy's visit.  As JD Me predicted there was not a lot of sewing going on - mainly due to madam!  Daisy enjoyed her cuddles width Auntie Wendy but was fast asleep by the time Wendy left - light weight!

Mind you minutes later and I thought that I had a new doorstop!  She (Daisy that is) had hidden herself in the curtains chewing a bathroom rug of all things!

So onto today which started with a rummage in the shed.  The shed is all but falling down and it is my intention to get a new one this year - hence this one will need emptying.  So when someone asked on the freely given facebook site for wooden chairs to do up I thought this is my chance - I had two in the house but they will be surplus to my needs and one is falling apart.  The other two are worse the wear for being in the shed - but she was highly delighted when she came to pick them up.

The rest of my day has, I am afraid, been sewing based.  First up was the current Splendid Sampler block - with over 50 tiny pieces to work with you can, perhaps, understand why it took me all morning to cut and sew!  The name of this block is family stars - I did one pink and four blue to represent my siblings - so this block is dedicated to you Jo, Stephen, Graham, Phil and Mike x.

This afternoon I have started on the Artisan Apron - hence the title.  You will recall that I had embroidered the front - and the idea is to keep adding to your décor which is why I have chosen a plain front.  Now it was time to start cutting out the lining and sew everything together.  I have put the apron on the mannequin so that you begin to get an idea of how it will look (the pocket trim is the lining) and how the names will sit .  The seams are all complete so tomorrow will see the outer and inner put together, turned through and top stitched.

Tonight its the church's AGM - otherwise I would continue and get the apron finished.


  1. Feeling very humble! Looks great :)
    Apron is coming along nicely too!

  2. Liking the apron and the block.
    Well done.