Sunday, 3 April 2016

The foxes march on

I just knew that one day I would crack.  As the only girl in a family full of Leicester City supporters, it was my duty to ignore them and support a different team.  This season, however, you cannot escape the march of success - they now need to win 4 of their last six games to win the premiership title.  Every meeting of my family involves in depth discussions of the football team - such a bore!

Hence the fox cushion that I mentioned yesterday - Mike and Sue were very pleased with it ( Mike cried if truth be told!)

Mike and Sue went to watch Leicester today, stopping off at another brother's for breakfast and to pick up my nephew.  They wanted to get there early to partake of the free beer and doughnuts - courtesy of the owner who's birthday it is today.  Truthfully it sounds like a real carnival affair - although I am not so sure that my family have strong enough hearts to cope with the stress!

Me?  Well it was an all day sewing affair at Scamblesby - not quite the same level of stress!


  1. Somebody needs to keep calm!!!! Won't be long now and there will be a break from football!!!!xxxx

  2. Looks like the pressie was well received!