Sunday, 17 April 2016

A more mellow kind of day

Well if yesterday's burst of activities were down to my new slippers then all I can say is that I need to charge them up again!


Today has been less industrious.  Firstly I sorted the Lynette Anderson block out.  As well as the embroidery I showed you yesterday, there is this small patchwork block and another small block with an embroidered heart on it.  Cue plenty of cutting, sewing and tracing - I will do the embroidery tonight.

Then I put the thin blue trim on the Anni Downs top - the simple blue seems to set the multitude of applique blocks off well.  I have also sewn together blocks for the border - ready to applique the 40 "tongues".  Tonight I will use the Roxanne basting glue to secure them into position but I might save the applique task until I go away on holiday.

After a journey out to church to pay the grasscutter his expenses, and another one to walk the dogs at the beach, it was time to get the powerwasher out to finish cleaning the back of the house.  The weather has been inclement recently, to say the least, so its good to see that job finished.  I also took advantage of the sunny weather to start some weeding before they take over.  Mind you I didn't reckon on Daisy's wish to dig down to Australia!!

So - not as good a day as yesterday but at least I can say that I've made progress with some tasks - I guess!


  1. Loving the sampler, and sounds like you achieved quite a lot really

  2. Quilt looks great think you achieved a lot today, lots more than me- anyway!