Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy 90th birthday Queen Elizabeth II

May I first take this opportunity to join in with all the well wishers in celebrating the 90th birthday of our Queen.  To live to 90 and still be carrying out your duties in the way that she does is remarkable.

Today I have to admit that I am shattered.  Truthfully the day after a long drive I am normally very tired but when you have a blog to write it makes for a very boring day - you have been warned!  So what did I get up to?


Well, truthfully, not that much.  I spent the morning hand quilting the piece of work started at the workshop yesterday and ironing on the hexagons.  I now have to quilt over the hexagons before drawing on the pieces with the fmq foot and then deciding how to finish it.  If I can find a canvas the right size then I wold like to stretch it over - otherwise it will be a wall hanging.

Then I made a start on one of the Tuesday night blocks - this one has 48 pieces!  I was doing okay until I realised that some pieces were sewn the wrong way around and had to start again.

My final task was to sew on the picture that Janet Clare created for us - it has pride of place on the apron.  I think that I have mentioned before that the concept of the apron is to add to it as you go so that it becomes a collection of work in its own right.  Janet's was fantastic - yet she just threw it on the pile of her quilts as she left for lunch.  There is no point being precious about it - it would seem.

So, apart from walking the dogs and phoning the plumber to come round and talk new boiler with me, I am afraid that sums up my day.  Quiet and peaceful but hardly energetic!

Tonight it's the WI craft club where we will be tasked with turning this pile of goodies into a fairy - I kid you not!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day actually...apart from the boiler talk that'll cost yer!

  2. I agree with happymum, a nice relaxing day. More than I have had!!! Quite frustrating - the phone decided to stop working,my mobile is not picking a signal very well. I feel so out of touch!!!!!! Xxxxx