Saturday, 9 April 2016

I'm getting somewhere at last!

Tackling the craft room was always going to be a tough affair.  Not only is there the contents of the room to be culled and then moved out, but there's a new double glazed window unit needed, the blinds and track to be removed, a new boiler to be fitted and the old laminate floor to be taken up before a new one is laid.  Considering that I had problems with the boiler last year and that there was a strong smell of oil in the room, I am fully expecting to find something untoward under the laminate flooring.  It was therefore a huge relief to get rid of the old desk that was taking up so much space this afternoon.  An old desk, by the way, that was from MFI - who said that they made things not built to last.  Truthfully it was a good as new - just too large for my needs.

As before, I used the freely given facebook page for the area and, as luck would have it, the recipient was an ex student of mine.  Not only that but her father turned up with the phrase "Up the Latics" - clearly he even remembered my football team - more remarkable since she is now 32 and I haven't seen her for 16 years!

The space in the room has now been dusted and swept (I have spared you the details of the mess - that really wouldn't have been fair on you) and I have set the computer up on a small hobby desk for the time being.  My next step, I feel, will be to take the flooring up in the area near the boiler and see what horrors await me.  Meanwhile I will contact the workmen to arrange dates for the boiler and the window unit.

Elsewhere I have made up and layered another three blocks for my Tuesday night class.  Sometimes its nice to get stuck in with something that doesn't need brute force!  Millie and Daisy enjoyed lying in the warmth of the conservatory although Daisy enjoyed herself too much chewing these shoes!

Tonight's crafting project is to work on hand embroidering my family's names around the artisan apron.  I have until next weekend to both finish the embroidery and make up the actual apron so that I can wear it to a workshop on the 20th of June.


  1. Great achievement getting so far with the craft room!

  2. thank you - its going to be a looooong process!

  3. Keep going!! You're doing well.xxxx