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Sunday, 24 April 2016

A quiet day at home

After watching the usual Create and Craft programme at 8am, it was time to get ready and head off to church.  Today we had a visiting preacher - "Vicar Kate".  A young lady who preached about love and used the film Love Actually to illustrate her points.  It was different - and made the idea of an afternoon in front of the tv watching the film seem really appealing!


Lunch was leisurely - reading the paper in the conservatory - and then I made a start on today's Splendid sampler block.  It went together well so I then moved on to a Tuesday night block.  When it turned out that I had been sewing for a while with no cotton in the bobbin, I felt that it was time to take a break - even more so when the replacement bobbin got all tangled!.

So I headed for the lounge and tried to find the film Love Actually on my Now TV box.  However I got side tracked and settled down to watch a box set whilst doing some hand sewing and, ahem, having 40 winks.

I finally got around to finishing the Tuesday night block - and tonight I will layer a number of them up.

Meanwhile the girls had some fun - bombing round the garden after each other and trying to dig the biggest hole they could - just in the area that I had weeded.  Now why couldn't they start on a pile of weeds instead?

Daisy has managed to bring most of her pile in on her fur - thank goodness that she's due for a trim soon!


  1. Your Splendid Sampler block looks lovely Lynda! I have been away for a few days so have a couple to catch up on! Have a lovely week! Christine x

    1. Thank you - you seem to had a fantastic few days away! Take care x

  2. A novel sermon indeed :) Can sympathise with the bobbin issue!