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Saturday, 2 April 2016

A day of cleaning - well almost!

Today my youngest brother Mike, and his fiancé, Sue, are coming up for an overnight stay.  Having not met Sue yet, I clearly wanted to make a good impression - so the house has been cleaned from top to bottom.  Just one problem - I finished that job at 10:30am - since they were due to arrive around 3 this meant trying to keep Daisy from destroying the house for 4 1/2 hours!  Now my family know me as someone who prefers to be early - but 4 1/2 hours early?  At that point I received a facebook message - would it be a problem if they arrived between 4 and 5 - my nephews needed transporting to football.  Well, I ask you, what's a girl to do with an unexpected 5 1/2 hours of spare time?  Why sew of course! ( I should add that they arrived at nearly 6pm - hence the lateness of this post!)


Yesterday I mentioned finishing the 2 Anni Downs applique pieces for block 4 but had run out of time to piece it all together.  Well - voila!  (The colours do look better in real life - it's been a dull morning!)

I also laid the blocks 1 - 4 out  - guess where the last block is going then?

My aim is to finish this by the beginning of December and some might think that there's not a lot left.  Well, there's a border, then a larger border, with tabs appliqued to the border, then embroidered pictures appliqued to the tabs, then quilted, then bound - not much then!

I also washed Daisy again - much to her disgust!  She has to look good for her visitors!

Lastly I made a Slimming World Weetabix cake and cooked some SW sausages ready for Scamblesby tomorrow - I will avoid those sausage rolls and cake, I will!

I promised you a look at their engagement present yesterday.  In truth you have seen this cushion before but he proposed to Sue on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral after she had seen her first Leicester City Match - I thought that inserting this "label" would personalise the cushion.


  1. Well done. The cushion looks amazing. I expect he was thrilled with it!!!!!! Xxxxxx

  2. We could have a picture of him with the cushion (and the tears)!!

  3. Your engagement present was very thoughtful, I'm sure they will love it especially Mike. Why does your dog always look so pretty, Penny is permanently scruffy no matter how much I brush her, today we found her standing in a puddle of mud looking very content, she is definitely Phil's dog !!!