Monday, 18 April 2016

Proud mama

Firstly I must say Happy 21st birthday to my nephew Harry Dobson.  He is my 8th nephew / niece out of 12 so I am feeling a tad old today!

Today has followed a usual Monday routine.  I like to start the week nice and neat - even if it doesn't last - so it was housework first and dusting / hoover throughout.  I also spent some time outside sorting out the side of the house.  For those doubters out there - can you tell which part of the side I used the powerwasher on yesterday?

Then I set off for the craft group.  Today, and next week, we are creating "Wonky House" brooches.  For some people this was their first taste of free motion embroidery and I was so proud of the way that they took to it.  However one or two did seem to get confused - particularly with the bondaweb - forgetting to take the backing off, for example, and wondering why it wouldn't stick, or not cutting the bondaweb to size and ironing glue all over the ironing mat - a true chapter of errors!!!  However, given that the workshop I am going to on Wednesday uses similar techniques then I was pleased how quickly I managed to pick it up again.  We will finish the brooches next week but I will aim to finish one of mine tomorrow so that I can wear it on my apron on Wednesday.

Tonight I am aiming to make a start on the second Lynette Anderson block - at least getting the  pattern traced.  I have cut out the templates for the applique so will hopefully get around to that as well.  Block one was put together last night - it has a mushroom button to be added but that will be done after quilting.  So one block down, 9 to go!


  1. I love those wonky house brooches. Would love a wall hanging of one!!! Just saying - hash tag!!!!xxxxx

  2. LOL at the hashtags JD!
    Lovely work Lyn and the power washer...what make is it?