Thursday, 7 April 2016

A fluffy kind of crafting day

Well - today is the day - I had been texted with a 3 hour window for the delivery of my tumble dryer - anywhere between 9:40 and 12:40.  It came at just gone 9:40 and the lovely men lifted the new one into place - I just had to fit the new hose.  Having paid for them to take the old one away I imagined that it would be "one off, one on" - nope - the collection could take up to 4 weeks and could be the same men - just not today - go figure!  Talking about the hose, however, I regard myself as being fastidious about cleaning the vent in the wall to ensure that fluff does not build up and block the airway.  Imagine my horror when I looked into the old hose and saw all of this - yuk!

I then set to and made the sausage rolls to take to WI tonight.  I had some sw friendly sausages (by the way did I mention that I lost 5 1/2 pounds last night - no, oh well, I don't want to make a fuss!) and some light flaky pastry in the freezer so it was a no brainer.  Whilst they were cooking the next splendid sampler block came in so I just had to set to and make it!

Talking about the WI I haven't shown you my entry for the Tudor Rose competition yet have I?  It's not great - it's a felt Tudor Rose brooch - but at least I have made the effort!

Whilst the sewing machine was in use I decided to sort out the blocks from Tuesday night, tick off the ones that I've done, find fabric for some others to do and then sort backing and wadding to start layering them up.  Since the squares are colour coordinated I have decided to back them with a  square of the same colour (not always the same fabric since I have been using up scraps).  I did hit a problem with the wadding since most of my pieces are too small - until I remembered this product - Batting Seam Tape.  I know that you can put pieces up together and use a zigzag stitch to bond them - but mine always seem a little ruffled.  This tape simply irons on and keeps everything flat.  I am hoping to use up all my bits and pieces of wadding.

Naturally the next step was then to layer up 4 squares and stitch the three layers in place - ready to quilt when we return to class.

I have also cut out the templates for the final Anni Downs block plus 40, yes I said 40, tabs to applique onto the border around the quilt.

So, as you can see, apart from walking the dogs, today has been totally self indulgent and just fantastic.  For a moment I even believed that I was on holiday and chilling!


  1. Well done on the weight loss. Love the WI competition piece, looks like a winner to me, good luck x

  2. A good day all round then. Pleased the dryer came OK! Shame the old one couldn't have gone at the same time. Don't quite understand that. Perhaps a phone call to J. Lewis's to enquire!!!!! Well done on weight loss. Keep going.xxxx

  3. Wow! Great weight loss!! The sticky toffee pudding diet is working well!

  4. What a strange way to do things! Well done on with weight loss