Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The sun has got his hat on .............

At last - a day of lovely sunshine and warm breeze!!!  I even swept outside and got the tables and chairs sorted - so it's my fault if it pours with rain tomorrow - ok?  I took this photo through the foliage of my turnip plants which are rampant! I have even spotted the first strawberry growing!

Last night we got cracking on a wall hanging at the sewing class and I made good progress.  With any luck I will finish the quilting tonight / tomorrow morning and then trim it and add the binding / hanging sleeve.  With one more lesson to go on this topic I also want to do an owl wall hanging using the same background fabric.  They are, however, quick to run up and complete- it's a Gail Lawther pattern if you are interested.

So, apart from my ventures in the garden this morning, I also did the church accounts ready for a meeting tomorrow evening.  Simple task you would thinking given that there is a spreadsheet already started -or should I say was!!! When the old computer crashed it took somethings with it - and that was one victim.  Cue a couple of hours going over everything and starting again!

After a lovely lunch of my SW pork and egg pie with some salad, it was then off for a swim (I did a massive 104 widths -1.248km!!) before settling down with my new toy - a bullet journal.  I did do one of these when I was working but haven't bothered since.  As you can see from the video its a personalised diary / organise / tracker / sketch pad etc etc. Every one is different and its fun to do (not that i will be doing much sketching!!) -and you know me by now, I am a list maker at heart!!  This way I get to make lists and colour in - such fun!

Tonight?  Well I suspect some more colouring in but, if possible,I will start to applique the shapes to the Lynette Anderson inner part of the scissor case.


  1. What a jam packed day! Never heard of a bullet journal!

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