Friday, 26 May 2017

Leaving a legacy

We are certainly being spoiled by this beautiful weather!  I was up and about painting the "she cave" by 8:30am to take advantage of the "she cave" being in the shade at that point.  I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel - even though it might just be the size of a pin head!  The roof (the bit I hate painting the most and the hottest point in this weather) just needs one more coat - then it's "just" the windows and floor!  Oh and then the outside, then the furniture etc etc!

Whilst I was outside I tried to take some photos of the dogs on my camera (I got fed up with the quality of the phone camera and so am trying out a Sony cybershot).  I lined the three dogs up and told them to sit - Maisie and Millie were perfect - Daisy had other ideas and photo bombed the picture!

Mind you I did manage to get Daisy "leaping" as she runs which I am quite pleased with - but I clearly need more practise.

Next on the agenda was a trip into Grimsby - my expandable hose drenched me last night as it disintegrated before my eyes.  My lovely veg need their water in this weather -just look at how much they have grown so far! Whilst I was in the Range I also picked up a couple of photo frames - Trisha and Julia bought me a couple of lovely post cards from Bath last year to go in my "She Cave" when the time comes!

Once home, and yes I am coming to the point of the blog title, a former student and colleague posted that she just has one assessment and then she will be a qualified teacher.  She was the kind of pupil who was a ditsy blonde and you tore your hair out with but made an excellent TA and you could see that she would be an excellent teacher (her judgements so far have all been outstanding).  You can see our dialogue below.

Lynda Dobson Hardly a surprise to anyone that knows you Lou - go and get them girl, you are a smashing teacher already!
Reply20 mins
Louise Avis I think it's because I've been guided by such great people since a young age. 😉😀 xxxx
Reply18 mins
18 mins
Lynda Dobson just promise to perpetuate Tweedledee and tweedledum - let another generation suffer!
Reply18 mins
Louise Avis Yes! I actually did this with my class the other day when we did poetry and limericks! 😂 😂 😂. Keep the legacy going!
Reply17 mins
Lynda Dobson woop woop - thats my gal!
Reply16 mins

I should explain that the "Tweedledee and Tweedledum " we both refer to was a rhyme to help the pupils remember the formulas for the circumference and area of a circle.  I used to make the pupils stand up and shot it out so loud that my dogs could hear it (You could see my house from the classroom).  Years later adults would repeat it to me - it had certainly stuck!  The rhyme went:-

Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Around the circle is pi times D
But if the area is declared
Then think of the formula pi r squared

Judging by her response, my legacy will live on through Louise - and that's why many of us go into teaching!

Once the temperature had dropped a little, the dogs and I went up to the beach to stretch our legs before I hit the garden with my trowel in hand.  A local business throws out their old plants and buys new - so I have this bag of primroses to plant - they should make a nice display next year!

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  1. some piccies missing? Sounds like a good day and envy those primroses!