Thursday, 25 May 2017

The time has come!

After what has been billed as the hottest day of the year so far (25 degrees according to the car) I started the day painting the she cave - what else?  Mind you I was a bit canny and made a start just after 9 to take advantage of the cooler temperatures!  It is nice to have the doors wide open - but it is still baking hot up in the roof area!

Once in, and after observing the one minute silence remembering the victims of Manchester, I set to adapting the pattern for The Ultimate Sewing Project Bag.  Feedback seemed to suggest that I was on the right lines but it just needed a little tweak here and there - not least enlarging the photos so that they can actually be seen!  Eventually, I was able to save it as a pdf - ready to load onto Craftsy.  So - what is this "invention"?  For those sewers out there, I am sure that I am not the only one - you go to a workshop with carefully cut out pieces of fabric - all stuffed into a plastic bag.  then again you have to remember the right thread, the right feet etc.  Worse still, you go to a retreat and you have several projects on the go - again all in plastic bags.  This pattern makes bags for such a situation - and comes with a mini version attached for your notions and a name holder for the project details. The pattern testers - thank you, you know who you are - have said that they are just starting to think of more uses for this bag - book bags for primary school pupils being the one most voiced.  I have listed it onto Craftsy for a minimal price of £2.50 until the end of this weekend - it only seems fair that those of you who have put up with my rambling should get some reward!  However the price will increase on Monday - so get in quick!  You can find the pattern here!

Apart from this excitement, I also attended a WI committee meeting this afternoon- sat in the garden - life is tough now isn't it?  Right - off to mow the lawn!!