Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How apt - Tuesday is my designated craft room day!

Today is my day to tidy and sweep the craft room - how apt, therefore, that I spent the day at Spindle Cottage Workshops learning a new craft skill - Japanese Folded Patchwork.  The basic concept is easy to follow but the variations were blowing our minds.

There were 7 students (of which we numbered 5 so rather took over the place) and the tutor, Liz Hands, remarked that we had been the most adventurous group - that's us!!

my effort!

Terry's version

In the end we came home with 9 blocks ready to hand sew and then to attach together.  I'm not sure what I will make with them but I have already ordered the book to develop these ideas further!

Also, oops, I signed up to a monthly class - one day a month starting in September - did I REALLY need another project?  In my defence this project entails a lot of embroidery - lush!!

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  1. Looks fab....and another class!! Noone can say you let the grass grow round your feet that's for sure!