Thursday, 11 May 2017

Those darned black spots!

Waking up to another lovely sunny and warm day I bounded out of bed - ready to check the old Bullet Journal and check today's activities.  They had suggested a cleaning schedule (not my forte as you know) and Thursday had been allocated to the bathroom.  Oh the power of colouring in a square - I cleaned everywhere - even the shower screen!  I changed the towels and washed the bath mats -get me!

With the arrival of an email containing vouchers from the local garden centre, I thought that I would pop there, use the vouchers, and pick up some plants to pot up.  Unfortunately the centre is in a 3G / 4G blackspot and so they could not read my voucher from my iphone - I need to print it off !!  Sadly that didn't stop me buying some lovely plants and coming home and spending some me time on the garden.  On the east coast we get a nice breeze off the sea, and it was a more chilly dog walk, but the garden is quite protected so it was a lovely relaxing time.  All I have todo now is to remember towater them regularly!

I also had a visit from the plumbers - when Mum and Dad were last visiting they managed to "break" the shower!  It's a saniflow system and the last time I had it replaced it cost over £300 so I wasn't too happy at that news! Since they may have to stay here in between their moves I thought that I ought to get it mended again.  Imagine my surprise when the plumbers informed me that someone had turned the system off (I didn't know that you could!).  When I phoned Mum and Dad, Dad blamed the dog and Mum blamed Dad - who knows?  At least I have saved that money!


  1. Funny how our homes work like clockwork, until visitors come and then all sorts of weird things happen! 4G blackspot? Sounds like a good ploy from the garden centre to get you there and spend money!

  2. Intrigued that your Journal would allocate you jobs. I'm assuming you'd already put in the jobs that needed doing that week. I was trying to do a housework / cleaning job each day as I don't want a day off spent mainly cleaning. Cx

    1. I entered the jobs but decided which ones were daily, weekly or monthly and then allocated accordingly. Tomorrow, for example the daily jobs are a quick tidy around but then the weekly one is floor mopping. Over time it all gets done - i hope!

    2. Ok, thanks for explaining, sounds a good idea. Dusting is my job that always slides. I can dust for money lol, but not otherwise. I suggested M paid me but... anyway the dust remains.