Thursday, 4 May 2017

Another workshop, another bag!

Today Terry and I went to a sewing workshop in Lincoln to make a bag - hardly earth shattering news I know!  We like this venue because its a small group and a very reasonable price.  However  must admit to being appalled at the state of some of the exemplar work on the wall.  This quilt, for example, was poorly bound and demonstrated the most appalling of stitches - yet this was the teacher's work and was being used to advertise the class.  I will stop my rant right now - but really!

Anyway -back to today's workshop.  This was what we were supposed to make,

and this is how far I got!!

Truthfully I am nearly there - nothing that a Scamblesby day on Saturday won't sort!

Tonight, and hence the reason for such a short blog since time is somewhat limited, is the WI meeting.  As well as sorting the raffle prizes, my competition entry and the birthday gifts I have to give a short presentation about "plastic soup" - ah well!

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