Sunday, 14 May 2017

If its Sunday then it must be out the fridge and tidying the store cupboard.

Well - someone has to !!

Today was a sewing workshop in Lincoln - as I said yesterday, this was a much wanted workshop on sewing hardanger embroidery -although we are only at the beginners stage.  Next time we will be cutting holes in the fabric!!

My aim was to complete this small square:-

and I managed this:-

not too much to do - I left 30 mins early to avoid traffic from the county show.

As Sewingbuddy indicated in her comments yesterday. the real danger of today was the food - they do lovely cakes, lunches and puds - everything is included in the price of the workshop.  I could have refused it of course - but didn't.  Instead the lovely lady sent me home with my cake and pud - ready for an after weigh in treat tomorrow (its a small plate - the pieces are tiny!!)  Lunch was a little more tricky so I ended up with salmon and dill quiche (I took the pastry off and have sinned the double cream that I suspect was in it), salad leaves (the other salads had dressings and non sw things like dates in them) and new potatoes which, fortunately, had no butter on them - phew!

So, I am now home and ready to get going with my weekly cleaning task whilst my tea of pork and veg is cooking before ending the day finishing the embroidery and continuing with my Lynette Anderson work -ah the life!


  1. Looks interesting,
    And well done on the cake front- expect it will taste even better tomorrow- enjoy!

  2. Sounds like you have been the model of sobriety, well done!

    1. I have! Lets hope that it shows tomorrow!!