Friday, 12 May 2017

It's friday ........ so it must be mopping floors day!

Or so my bullet journal says!  That, plus wiping down the kitchen doors and door frame (Daisy leaves such muddy marks when she jumps up at the door!) is making a real difference.

Having tidied around it was then time to set to with some crafting - I have been remiss of late.  The first task was to finish the quilting of my Tuesday night project.  It is now ready to be trimmed and bound.

Whilst I had my walking foot on, I then finished the quilting on a table runner.  This has been folded up in a corner after I ran out of thread at Scamblesby in the middle of a row so it felt really good to get this sorted.  The next step is to sort all the loose ends, trim and then bind.  I have now put my workshop machine in the conservatory and so can enjoy the nice weather (its cloudy here but not too cold) and the dogs can come and go as they please in the garden.

Of course, being in one room for some time you then start to see all the jobs that need doing. So the conservatory has now been tidied and hoovered, the ironing board set up and the ironing completed and put away.

After walking the dogs (which took me past the 300 miles mark on my 1000 miles in 2017 mark - wey hey) I then spent some time in the garden weeding the weeds which have come through my weed barrier - grrr - before heading off for my swim ( a record 120 widths!!! which equals 1.44km!!)

All in all this has been a fun day where lots of jobs have been completed and targets met - even the scales are joining in the fun - they have dropped slightly!!  Even the swimming, which could sound quite dull going back and forth, was great since I caught up with a number of friends who also go at that time.  This evening I plan to curl up with my Lynette Anderson applique and my usual treat - a 15g bar of Green and Black's chocolate - whilst watching the Masterchef final - my vote goes to Steve for what it is worth.  Hope that this is not the kiss of death for him.

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  1. Not good re the weedproof sheet....have bought one myself, hope I get better results!