Sunday, 7 May 2017

Heating on - in May!!!!!!

I don't know about you but it is really cold here and I have resorted to putting the heating on - virtually unheard of in May!  Still, I have tried to keep busy again - firstly by doing some dreaded housework and bed changing, followed by preparation for some applique later on my Lynette Anderson scissor keeper.  I used her appliquick tools which helps the process (until you run out of glue of course) and listened to the Archers as I worked - very relaxing.

Next up was some cutting out of fabric for a forthcoming project before setting to and sorting out the wardrobe -my aim is to "Throw" away 20 items every day until it is sorted - some in a charity bag and some in a rubbish bag.  Mum's move, and the decluttering that goes with such a move, must be rubbing off on me!

Then it was back to fabric cutting and preparation for the Tuesday night sewing class.  I had to take a piece of fabric, rearrange it to simulate a sunset type theme, sew a border around and then sort out some wadding and backing.  Oh, and that's not forgetting the cutting out of 9 swallows and a variety of plant life - phew!

By now I could not put the dreaded deed off any longer and braved the cold weather to walk the dogs - with a promise of being able to batten down the hatches when I returned.  I had a date planned with the sewing machine in the conservatory, a warming cup of coffee and a table runner that desperately needs to be quilted and bound - however 40 winks prevailed (it would have been 80 - but the neighbours were having a "discussion" and woke me!)

Tonight I am looking forward to the drama about Barbara Windsor and will enjoy the LA applique.  I use Superior Thread's Bottom Line - but now need the needle threader more and more!  Ah, the difficulties of old age!


  1. Missed that we were out. Yes a bit cold, back home with a roaring fire a Narnia film and fell asleep.

  2. Brr freezing down here too and with the conservatory missing its feeling even colder! 20 items a day? Not sure I'd have much left at the end of the week!