Sunday, 21 May 2017

A missing blog ......

You may have noticed that there was no blog yesterday?  Well, that was for a very good reason!  I had spent all day at a workshop that I had been looking forward to or some time - making something that I intended as a Christmas present.  I could hardly waffle on without saying what I was making now could I?  However  can report that I am delighted with the outcome and have received some encouraging comments so lets hope that the recipient is equally pleased!

Today was a Scamblesby day and I took a couple of projects to do - the binding on my Tuesday night class project was quickly sewn on by machine , ready for some handsewing tonight.  However the main event was a scrap buster bag.  Interestingly I first made this bag several years ago and remembered it as being far more difficult that it felt today - maybe it's all this practise!

Pat was finishing one of the Scamblesby blocks and then put them all together.  It was lovely to see our project taking shape - withe the promise of more to come!

Tonight its binding sewing, bag finishing and then, just maybe, an early night!  The next few days promises to be full on without time to breathe!

On a totally different matter, my pattern testers have now reported back and I hope to make the changes they have suggested and then publish the pattern by the end of the week - I will keep you posted!

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