Friday, 5 May 2017

The sun has got its hat on ......

What a difference a day makes - yesterday was cold and grey, today is slightly warmer and sunny - I know which one I prefer!

My day started with a lovely, unexpected cuppa and chat with Wendy - although I will confess that we probably chatted for far too long!  However that was then followed by a blustery walk with the dogs which cleared the cobwebs away.

Next up was some preparation for tomorrow's Scamblesby sewing day - I love these days with like minded friends but they are only successful if everything is prepared and cut out - and, of course, these are extra projects to do when the bag we started yesterday is finished - you can't say that I am not optimistic!

Then it was onto some church admin and bill paying

before receiving a very welcome parcel of Lynette Anderson fabrics from the postie.

By mid afternoon it was then time for my swim - at least it was open this time!It was a harder slog than normal - don't know why - but I persevered and did 84 widths - 1km!!!  Home and it was then time to mow the lawn with my superduper new lawn mower - I lurve it - before sorting out tea and collapsing in a darkened room!

Foodwise all is bang on track - fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast, poached salmon and salad for lunch and "Cowboy stew" with a jacket potato and veg for dinner, along with some carefully counted treats along the way.  There was another small fall on the scales this morning so all is positive (although I am painfully aware that they can shoot back up for no apparent reason before Monday!).

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