Thursday, 18 May 2017

The horrors of masking tape.

We were blessed with a lovely sunny day today (but with the promise of more rain tomorrow) so I decided to get outside and do some more painting.  As you can see Daisy and Millie were as much help as ever - although they have now started to venture inside the "she cave" to lie down (they seemed a little scared of it at first).  Painting was slow - due mainly to the wretched masking tape - why did i buy something with so many windows?  Still once they are all done, then the four coats of paint should go on a little more quickly!  It just feels like slow going at the moment.

For a rest change I planted out some planters before getting back to the painting and then inside for lunch.  I will admit to having the munchies today - don't know why but it doesn't help that i am out tonight at the WI supper club.  We have pre-ordered the food so I know that I am having a sw friendly meal but it doesn't stop me picking!  However everything has been written down and I am still within my allowance so it's not too bad  -although I already suspect that this is going to be one of those low weight loss weeks!

After 40 winks ( Daisy is sooo cute - she jumps up and lies on me and falls asleep when i say sleepies - who say's that she is not trained?) and a lovely dog walk in the sunshine with an arial display at the bombing range (the dogs totally ignore them although the planes did fly really low at one point), it was then back to my mystery block.  I am really enjoying this design challenge and am pleased with the way it is turning out.  It is also giving me an excuse to use some of this beautiful fabric that i bought on Tuesday - mmmmmmmmm.