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Monday, 29 May 2017

Bank Holiday - Dobbo style!

What a treat - a cool, overcast and sometimes rainy bank holiday.  What -I hear you cry?  Well, not working anymore the fact it's a bank holiday is reduced to moaning about the change in tv viewing!  I, for one, was glad to see the temperature fall a little so that I cold get on with some jobs in the house.

First up was sorting the bedroom upstairs for Mum and Dad.  The removal men arrive tomorrow to start loading the truck - it will take up to two days they reckon.  Although completion isn't until Thursday, they should be left with an empty house Wednesday evening.  However there is a complication - not with the house sale, but with their car which needs the services of a garage and, we fear, will require a week's worth of surgery.  Consequently yesterday there were phone calls going back and forth - there is no point them having a hire car if they have to then drive the 7 hours up here, then 7 hours back to Devon to pick their car up and then the 7 hours back again  - oh and move into their new house at the same time!  Our solution is that my brother and his wife are driving down there tomorrow, staying until Thursday and then driving Mum and Dad up here (maybe stopping off overnight - who knows at this stage).  We have then found a firm to transport their car up here when it is fixed -there's always a solution to a problem I guess!  I also booked a meal out for us all on Saturday night - I think that we will need it by then!

Next up was cake making.  I like to take a treat to slimming world to share with my two partners in crime and so thought that I would try an apple and sultana cake (SW style of course).  It's more eggy than usual cakes but its not bad at all. Mind you - all this effort must be working - lost 4 lbs today - woop woop!

While we are talking healthy eating - take a look at my veg trug - haven't things grown?  I even have my very own cauliflower - well a titchy tiny one at least!  I should add, however, that the photos were taken yesterday!

Then it was onto the general housework and getting ahead of myself with the preparation for Scamblesby on Sunday.  I love my rechargeable Dyson but have decided that it doesn't like Maisie - one hoover and its blocked up again.  So it was back to the main upright Dyson!

On a different note, there were more sales overnight - thank you to everyone who has downloaded our pattern from Craftsy.  I put the price up today to cover our Paypal fees but have kept it at a very reasonable £2.99.  Why not treat yourself?  Meanwhile (and I am whispering this) I saw sight of pattern two last night from Sewing Buddy -looks FAB!!  we will betaking it to our testers on Sunday so watch this space.


  1. Wow well done on the weight loss!

  2. Oh what a lot of hassle with the car!Well done on the weight again and the sales!