Monday, 15 May 2017

If it's Monday then it must be ...... emptying the bins.

Are you fed up of this yet?  Our local day for bin collecting is a Tuesday - one week normal and one week recycling - so it made sense to have today's weekly task as bin emptying so that the large ones are ready to put out.  Mind you I also tidied around the utility room and cleaned out the fire place n the lounge so I have not been to lazy!

This morning was the Textile Group -our project for the next couple of weeks is to draw a doodle picture with the free machine foot.  Since Linda didn't have a machine with her, I lent her mine and then spent the time helping her to finish two UFO's from previous group meetings - there was a good feeling of accomplishment and Linda got a round of applause for finishing!

This afternoon was the dreaded weigh in.  After my efforts this week (I am still amazed at how good I am being!!!!!!) I was pleased to see the scales shift downwards by 2 1/2 pounds.  We could always wish for more but I am now only 1 1/2lbs  away from the 2 stone mark.  So close, yet so far away!   I wouldn't mind but I am out three times this week - tomorrow will need a pack up but then Thursday and Friday I am out at different pubs.  More careful choices me thinks!

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  1. Lovely work, and well done on the loss...little by little is the way to do it, how we would love to have big losses every weigh in, but that's just not healthy and not sustainable. Two stone is a mega amount in such a short space of time, well done.