Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I'm getting forgetful!


Today dawned (I'd like to say bright and cheerful but it's been cold and grey all day) with the promise of several tasks ahead of me.  First up was taking Daisy to the groomers -as you can see from the pictures there was not much to cut off but at least you can see her eyes now.  As we came out of the groomers she met Tilly - the dog owned by my sewing teacher.  This bossy, confident pup just hid behind my legs - what a wimp!

Next up was a final check of the fabric pieces for my sewing workshop tomorrow - why do I always panic about leaving something behind?  Still, the bag is now packed and I am ready to go!

Then it was time to walk the dogs (brrrrrr), before sorting the lounge out and finishing the mound of ironing that has amassed - before getting changed and setting off for a swim.  As I approached the pool I thought - fantastic, there's no cars, the pool will be empty.  Err - yep, I had totally forgotten that the pool was closed today - they had some electrical work in.  Ah well, back home then.

With the extra time on my hands, I sorted the WI birthday presents out, sorted the raffle prizes out and then set to making some scotch eggs to take to the WI supper tomorrow night.  Being on a diet I can't have the traditional scotch eggs (deep fried as they are) -instead I use low fat sausages, scan bran for the outer casing and then bake them in the oven.  Since the oven was on I also made a scan bran cake.  As the name suggests scan bran is pure bran and so too much could have unfortunate effects IYKWIM!!  However it is also very nice if used appropriately.

Foodwise everything is back on track after my mini-melt down on Monday.  The scales are going down again (I know you shouldn't get on them every day but ....) and I am enjoying the variety of meals (Fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast, steamed salmon and salad for lunch and stuffed chicken thigh for tea).  Mind you I now have another incentive - Trish wants to go quad bike riding on the cruise-help!!

May I finish by congratulating my niece who passed her driving test today -well done Jenny x


  1. Well done on the weight...its hard going when those scales stubbornly don't go down!

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