Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hi everyone - It's Maisie here .....

Well, I heard that the other dogs had written a post so thought that I would join in!

Born and bred in Devon, this is all very confusing.  For the past few weeks Mum and Dad have been packing up boxes and filling rooms with them - they tell me that we are moving to Lincolnshire but I have no idea what that means!  Auntie Lynda tells me that Mum and Dad have exchanged contracts and will be up here next friday - not too long to suffer I guess then!

Down in Devon I have Mum and Dad wrapped around my little finger - so it should come as no surprise that I refused to sleep in the kitchen with Daisy and Millie.  Instead I have set up shop in the lounge - that way I can see everyone who passes by, bark at them and then be the first one to the door.  I thought that Lynda looked quite tired yesterday so I gave her a lie in - I shouldn't have bothered - that brat "cute puppy" Daisy started whining at 6am!  I ask you!!!

After Mum had come back from the vets (Daisy was having her kennel cough injection, apparently), she opened the conservatory doors and started to paint the she cave.  Right, I thought, time to take charge of the situation.  I appointed Daisy as my sergeant and we moved swiftly around the boundaries checking for intruder - Millie, as you can see, was just not bothered!

I then popped inside (it was 11am - coffee time at home) and came back to find Sergeant Daisy just not taking this situation seriously at all!  It is going to be a long 9 days!

In the end I put her on veg guard duty - might as well play to her strengths.

It has been a hot day but I did enjoy my run up at the beach - it's always good to shake off those cobwebs ( Dad - I swam in the water and rolled - just like you told me to he he!).  I was not upset, however, to find that Auntie Lynda was planning to go swimming ( she only did 60 widths - 0.72km - not feeling it apparently!) - one has to sleep that much exercise off now doesn't one?

Tonight, she tells me, Auntie Lynda is off with Auntie Wendy to watch RSC live - what does that stand for? Royal Shaggy Cats perhaps?  Ah well, I am at my post in the lounge - guarding as usual!


  1. LOL!! Can just imagine it all!!
    Poor Grandad is going to be lost...what a joyful reunion it will be next week!

  2. Arh love the white socks. Hope it all works out ok for your stay Maisie. Hope your Mum and Dad's move all works out without any grief. All the best. Love from your neighbour, until you settle in your new home xx