Friday, 19 May 2017

If only i had brains!

Although I am delighted with the new PC, it sadly doesn't want to talk to my printer.  Oh it would print okay but then kept telling me that I was low on ink - but wouldn't tell me which cartridge (of the 4) needed replacing.  When I finally figured that out, it then wouldn't print properly but the troubleshooter said that everything was okay - help!!   So, never one to miss a shopping opportunity - off I went to PC world and bought myself a printer.  Not only did it print and copy, but it printed double sided and scanned - result!

Once home it would be an easy job to install - right?  I followed the instructions and everything went smoothly at first - until this message started to appear - attention required.  I tried everything I could think of but this printer was just not printing.  It said that it was installed okay but everytime I tried to print something the same message kept coming up - I was at the end of my tether! Ah well (and this is well over an hour later!) there was nothing for it but to unplug and start again.  Paper - check, paper loaded - check - Ink cartridges - check.  Oops - the colour cartridge still had its plastic seal on.  Miraculously removing this made the printer burst into life - who knew?

I also, and this is for the first time ever, managed to print something from my ipad - I don't know how useful this facility is but it's there at least.

Being an HP printer they also offered the HP instant Ink facility.  Although my first 6 months is free, apparently they will send new cartridges out when I start to run low so that I never run out.  At a price of £3.49 per month it sounded reasonable but we will see.

Otherwise its been a quiet day again - working on my scamblesby block and general housework tasks.  Tonight its another night out - the book club meets again!


  1. Glad you managed to sort the printer gate!
    Maybe I should buy a new one?
    Have a good day tomorrow.

  2. Printers! PCs! Always a pain when they don't work well done for sorting it out!

  3. It sounds as if you will be printing lots of "stuff" I know with paper piecing will be nice to be able to make copies and if you can change the sizes that may be handy. Not having to worry about ink also sounds very freeing