Saturday, 6 May 2017

Not for the squeamish!

Today was, as I said the other day, a Scamblesby day.  We were light on numbers which lead to a lovely day full of conversation between us all rather than in our small groups.  Mind you Pat should be kept on a leash - really, those conversation topics!  I will say no more!!

You may recall that I had earmarked today to finish the bag off from Thursday - so here it is!

I have even bound all of the raw edges to make it neater

and then sewed a smaller bag which can be clipped in for toiletries, undies etc. When Mum and Dad move up I plan to keep an overnight bag there for "sleepovers" - maybe this will be the one!

With an hour or so to go I also rustled up this pencil case - maybe it will be a Christmas box filler for a certain someone!

So, you may be forgiven for thinking that I feel satisfied with the day - coming home with finished items and having a good laugh?  Well, indeed I do - BUT - there has emerged a new pattern that may just have to be made - a rather gorgeous bag pattern - did I really say another bag - help!!!!!!!  Well, i will need a new one for the cruise I suppose!

Foodwise I was prepared and took low fat sausages to resist the lure of sausage rolls.  I did resist Louise's lovely birthday cake (note the wallace and gromit candles Phil) but will admit to bringing a piece of cake home to enjoy after weigh in on Monday!  Instead Pat gave me a rather nice shoulder massage!

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