Wednesday, 31 May 2017

"My old man said follow the van, and don't dilly dally along the way"

Well, the furniture has left Devon!  I'm not sure where to, since the purchase hasn't even exchanged contracts yet but it will be somewhere safe.  Meanwhile Mum, Dad, Graham and Janet have worked all day and Mum says that her house is now gleaming and she would buy it all over again! Shame that her buyer s coming around tonight to learn how to deal with the boiler etc!!  Keys will be handed over tomorrow lunchtime and then they will say goodbye to Devon and move onto the next chapter in their lives (that's code for tomorrow's blog being a big tidy up!!).

Meanwhile I made an emergency dash to Tesco's today.  Not for a loaf of bread etc but because I moved the step ladders yesterday - forgetting hat my iphone was on the top step -oops - one broken screen to be replaced (ouch!).  Whilst I was in Grimsby I also popped into Dunelm.  They have a sale on and I wanted some nets for the She Cave.

It's been a lovely day here and so, after a beach dog walk (where Maisie, once again, showed Daisy how to find water to paddle in!), I spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden - painting the floor of the She Cave several more times, weeding the gravel (the one with the weed mat underneath that the weds literally laugh at), mowing the lawn and potting up some plants.  Every time that I drive to Grimsby (and, incidentally Mum's new house) I pass someone advertising some plants for sale.  Today I stopped and bought some really nice ones.  She invited me to turn round in her yard - which was full of chickens and peacocks roaming freely - it was a lovely rural sight!

However, back to the She Cave - I think (fingers crossed etc) that I have finished painting the inside and can now lay the carpet down and move a few bits of furniture in - just in time for the royal visitors.  There are a couple of inside parts of the folding doors to do, plus the outside trim - but all of that can be done outside and out of the blistering heat so I can live with that! In fact I am off now tofeed the dogs and then take the carpet outside to try it for size - fingers crossed everyone!

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  1. Grr to the weed proof mat, maybe I haven't lost out forgetting to lay mine earlier today! Cant wait to see the She Cave in all its glory! A new era dawns tomorrow!